Quick trip to the grocery store leads to serious health care discussion

On a quick trip to the store to shop for my family, I had the opportunity to speak with a young lady about my absolute favorite subject—healthcare.

As we were conversing, she expressed some concerns about the health issues she was experiencing including high cholesterol, high blood pressure and diabetes.

Without the proper care, these conditions can be fatal.

This young woman admitted that she hadn’t seen a doctor in quite a while because she did not have insurance.

I quickly explained to her that she has another option, because it is Allegiant Health Care’s core belief that everyone deserves to be seen by a doctor.

We offer the underinsured and the uninsured an option to pay into an affordable membership program.

How does this healthcare membership program work?

We’ve made the process super simple for all of our patients.

If you don’t have enough insurance or no insurance at all, we make it affordable to see someone here at our practice.

Members have the option to pay a small membership fee and you are able to see a health professional.

Patients are able to request medical visits several times a month, we cover all basic healthcare needs, and they get to do it at a price that is well within their budgets.

We are changing the way healthcare is delivered. We believe that everyone deserves to be covered.

We work tirelessly to bring better health to you.

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