Ditch the fad diets and sign up for our medically supervised weight loss program. Long-term weight loss requires hard work, dedication, scientifically proven methods, planning, and ongoing support. Our goal is to develop customizable plans that will help you speed up your metabolism, curb your hunger, improve your health, increase your energy, and improve your quality of life.

We pride ourselves on providing you with the necessary tools to ensure your success. With our weight loss program, you will undergo weekly weigh in and measurement visits in your home (or location of choice) with the provider. You will receive weekly or twice a week MIC/Lipo injections to help boost your energy and metabolism. If you qualify, you may be prescribed one of the FDA approved appetite suppressants. We provide you with a food list, supplementation suggestions, and laboratory testing every 12-16 weeks (if necessary).

Sustainable weight loss requires dedication and commitment from you and us. We promise that if you give 100%, we will also. You’re not alone. If you are ready to lose that stubborn weight,